Dental Botoks

Dental Botox
Botox (dental botox) in medicine and dentistry: Used for treatment and cosmetic purposes in various cases, botox blocks muscle contraction for a certain period of time. Botox acts by preventing the release of the substance necessary for the contraction of the muscle after the stimulation from the nerve. Its effect lasts up to 6 months and is reversible. So it can be applied 2 times a year. It also has a pain relieving effect, especially in patients with joint disorders.

Botox especially; Jaw facial pain due to excessive contraction of chewing muscles, jaw joint disorders, bruxism (clenching teeth, teeth grinding), cosmetic correction of mimic muscles, gummy smile (excessive appearance of gums while laughing) appearance (botox is applied to the gums to provide pink aesthetics), It is used in the correction of facial asymmetries and wrinkles, preventing recurrence after orthodontic surgery, and in the treatment of excessive sweating. Botox is an auxiliary treatment in relieving pain due to jaw joint or tooth clenching (in the treatment of teeth grinding). At the age of 25-30, signs of aging begin. Botox should be applied at the age of 25 and over, generally it is not necessary under the age of 25.

Is Botox application painful, how is it done?

Tooth grinding-treatment with Botox is not a painful method. It is applied with an insulin injector and the whole process takes approximately 5-10 minutes. Its effect starts to be seen from the 3rd day. It reaches its highest level from the 2nd week.

Who does not apply Botox?

It should not be applied because there is not enough research on pregnant and breastfeeding people. In allergic patients, first of all, a trial should be made on another part of the skin, then botox should be applied. What should be considered after Botox application? After the application, it is necessary not to touch the application area, to massage and not to be exposed to direct sunlight. In addition, application of ice to the relevant area will prevent possible bruises.



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