An aesthetic smile cannot be achieved only with white and smooth teeth. The presence of gums that will be compatible with these teeth is also required. Aesthetic works on gums are called pink aesthetics. Among the elements that complement dental aesthetics, the health and color of the gums and the level of the gums with teeth come to mind. The first step of achieving a clean and harmonious smile that is pleasing to the eye is to achieve the necessary harmony between teeth and gums. In order to be able to call the gums healthy, it must be light pink in color, firmly adhering to teeth and bones, and have a bright and lumpy appearance similar to an orange peel. The aim of the treatments in aesthetic dentistry is to provide a perfect smile. Gingival aesthetics is very important for a perfect smile.

Teeth, gums, jaw and lips must be in harmony in order to make a nice smile. Different operation methods can be used depending on the presence of a problem in gum aesthetics. While the gums that appear excessively during the smile are shaped, some gums also need to be reduced slightly.

Before aesthetic attempts on the gums, the gum should be healthy. Healthy gums should be pink in color, with a slightly rough surface and no bleeding. When there is a swollen gum with redness and bleeding, the gum should be treated before treatment. First of all, it may be necessary to apply different treatments such as cleaning tartar and gingival curettage.

How is pink aesthetics achieved?

During the pink aesthetic smile, the imaginary line passing through the gums at the peaks of the two teeth in the middle of the front is provided by lightly touching the lip. It must be placed in a certain form between the gums and other teeth in the mouth. In some cases, although the teeth look perfect in terms of form and alignment, due to the irregularity of the gums, the harmony is broken during the smile and a bad appearance occurs. In some cases, not only the gums, but the alignment of the teeth may be problematic. In this case, first the gums should be corrected and then other treatments should be completed. Even small corrections for pink aesthetics give excellent results in some cases.

In some cases, as the gums are recessed, the root surfaces become visible and the dental crown looks too long. In this case, a little extra should be added to the gums. A gum graft is placed to close the root surface. In this way, the health of the teeth and gums is obtained and the necessary process is performed to provide an aesthetic appearance.

Determining the factors that cause gingival recession is a very precaution to prevent recurrence. Some people brushing their teeth with very vigorous movements or some clenching can also cause gum recession.

As a result, only dental interventions may not be sufficient for aesthetic operations. The procedures to be done after a good oral examination should be determined. These should be followed in a certain order and completed. Perfect prosthetic restorations should be completed by providing a healthy and symmetrical appearance in the gums. Today, innovations brought by technology have enabled many inventions to be used in the field of aesthetic dentistry. Among these, bonding and laminated applications can provide long-lasting and aesthetic appearances by bonding more firmly to the anatomical structures of the tooth, such as enamel and dentin. Thanks to Empres porcelain, an aesthetic appearance and durability can be demonstrated thanks to zirconium-supported porcelain.


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