What We Need To Know About Teeth

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What We Need To Know About Teeth

What We Need To Know About Teeth

Dentist: Families must first give correct information to their children about the fear in the child caused by environmental, familial and wrong experiences, and tell them that their sensations or what they see are not related to them, and they must show and explain the dentists as cute. Because children will be together with these physicians for a long time between the ages of 4-16 and afterwards. Secondly, children can overcome this fear; The appropriate place for these individuals, decoration, music, trained staff, experienced, patient, loving and equipped with modern dentistry can be formed with the efforts of willing and expert physicians. These are the general rules of children’s oral and dental health.

Teeth Whitening: After tooth whitening is applied, there is no return in tooth color. However, there are patients who could not get 5% results due to genetic reasons and drug use.
Apart from these, detertra (tooth cleaning) is sufficient to remove the effects of food on the teeth after the procedure. However, if the individual wishes to repeat the procedure, it can be applied again only after 2 years.

Implant: Today, implant treatment and applications are becoming widespread, and accordingly, implant types are also increasing. Whether there is a single tooth or more than one tooth missing, if there is an appropriate amount of bone for implant placement, implant treatment can be applied for any situation. Many people turn to implant treatment because of such reasons and advantages.

Dental Zirconium: Zirconium oxide, which is a high-tech product and has proven its durability as a heat shield in space shuttles and as a brake disc in sports cars, is currently used by dentists. Developed by zirconium smart ceramics for dentistry, this high-tech ceramic has a great potential to bring a new perspective to prosthetic treatment.

Orthodontics: Braces are one of the most important trump cards that experts apply to provide aesthetic smile.
In cases where the teeth are slightly and severely perplexed, in cases where the lower and upper teeth rows are closed, the jaws are positioned incorrectly in relation to the face and / or each other, the braces are used.With orthodontic treatment, the teeth are moved slowly to reach the most correct position.

Prosthetics Specialist: According to the prosthesis specialist, prostheses also have a lifetime and should be renewed in at least two to a maximum of five years. Otherwise, the adaptation of the prosthesis to the changed tissues will be impaired and its use will be difficult. Also, you or someone else should not do or do any procedures such as abrasion or additional repair on your prosthesis without the control of your prosthesis specialist.
In all kinds of problems you encounter, you should definitely consult a dental prosthesis specialist.