What is a zirconium implant?
Zirconium is used in many fields and in the field of medicine, especially in hip joint prostheses and many other places due to its durability. In dentistry, it is also used in the repair of tooth fractures, as a substrate of porcelain teeth, in bridges and crowns. In recent years, its usage area has expanded and it has been used in implant dental applications.

Implant is an effective and advantageous treatment method used to replace missing teeth. It aims to create a real tooth root by placing screws made of titanium in a small surgical procedure into the jawbone. The implant tooth is completed by placing a prosthetic tooth on this root. Screws made of titanium placed in the jawbone cause allergic problems in some patients. Zirconium was discovered during the search for a healthier and at the same time aesthetic solution due to health problems. Zirconium has also found a widespread use in implant applications due to its healthy, durable, long-lasting and aesthetic appearance.

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Harun Colak

Tuesday June 21st, 2016 at 6:15 am

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