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Environmental Factors

False sensations of our children from the school and its surroundings, together with their parents.

2. Wrong Experiences

Observing some dental service practices by the child in unsuitable conditions and preparing children for fear without explanation;

a) Having a bad experience with physicians who are not suitable for child psychology, which the child will have and will never forget.

b) Children’s Dentistry; The place, decoration, music and staff suitable for child psychology, and the expert or willing dentists who have received this training, combined love and patience in dentistry.

c) Children should never and never start treatment on their first visit to the dentist, they should only meet, get to know the environment and their families, prepare them for a warm and loving encounter, and never be forced into treatment. The treatments and controls to be made should be explained to the children simply without going into details, and the families should be explained with all the details. They should stay away from all behaviors that will cause the child to be afraid, and they should be distracted with objects that will attract attention in the game environment and the environment should be loved.

d) When the treatments are started, the sessions should be kept very short. Because it is not long for the child to keep his mouth open without fear. In these short sessions, starting with the easiest and painless procedures will ensure the child’s confidence and reinforce their relationship with the physician. Thus, our children will come running again of their own free will for other operations.

Family Factors

Turkish families often make their children do what they want by scaring them in child education. This method is very wrong. For example, do not misbehave, I have an injection at the dentist, I have your teeth extracted, the doctor will give you an injection, eat your food quickly. In this family type, it is very difficult and takes a long time to normalize the oral and dental health doctor-patient relationships of children. Rarely, there are situations where ideal physician-child relationships cannot be achieved. In these conditions, oral and dental treatments of these children can be provided by very special methods (general anesthesia) or by being put to sleep in the operating room environment with sedation. This environment is offered by families and physicians as a last resort. After all possibilities have been found and no other remedies are found, the purpose of this method is to regulate the child’s oral and dental health, to get rid of abscesses, inflammations that affect the general body, and most importantly, the treatment is terminated without creating psychological permanent fears because the child will not remember the procedures.


Families must first give correct information to their children about the fear in the child caused by environmental, familial and false experiences, and tell the dentists to show them cute and explain that what they see is not about them. Because children will be together with these physicians for a long time between the ages of 4-16 and afterwards.

Secondly, children can overcome this fear; The appropriate place for these individuals, decoration, music, trained staff, experienced, patient, loving and equipped with modern dentistry can be formed with the efforts of willing and expert physicians. These are the general rules of children’s oral and dental health. As adults, we still have fears in our past due to bad memories with one or more of the issues mentioned above. By not treating it, we cannot count the number of sleepless nights, and as a result, most of us have difficulties in eating with the empty places of our teeth that are closed in their mouths without delay. Or, we have one or more fillings in our mouth, which we have now made very difficult. For this reason, most of us chewing and grinding problems have turned into stomach diseases. Families and physicians can solve these problems together patiently and successfully over time.