Dental Health at Biz Bize with Işılay Gedik (Beykent TV – 31 Aug 2016)

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Dental Health at Biz Bize with Işılay Gedik (Beykent TV – 31 Aug 2016)

Güliz KILINÇOĞLU SORKUN who is our expert in Bakirkoy Esthetic Dent was a guest on Dental Healt on BizBize with Işılay Gedik that a new expert give information about their field on every each programs, publised on 29th August 2016.

Mrs. SORKUN gave information about what we should do in order to have healthy teeth and need to know about dental health with questions.

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Bakırköy Esthetic Dent was established in 2014. Bakırköy Esthetic Dent, established in the center of Bakırköy which is one of the most central places of Istanbul in the field of dental health, realizes the aim of hast to be able to laugh without hesitation, fearlessly and shamelessly an.

Our target; Our mission is to provide the best service to our patients and to be worthy of their trust provided that they do not leave the principle of honesty and honesty in line with our vision and vision.


Our mission is to provide quality and economic services to our patients, regardless of religion, language, race and gender, with respect to ethical values, respect for patient rights, and preventive health practices as well as therapeutic practices related to oral and dental health.


To be a center to meet the oral and dental health needs of our patients with a modern management system with the latest technology and applications of dentistry.



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