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About Us

Bakırköy Esthetic Dent was established in 2014. Bakırköy Esthetic Dent, established in the center of Bakırköy which is one of the most central places of Istanbul in the field of dental health, realizes the aim of hast to be able to laugh without hesitation, fearlessly and shamelessly an.

Our target; Our mission is to provide the best service to our patients and to be worthy of their trust provided that they do not leave the principle of honesty and honesty in line with our vision and vision.


Our mission is to provide quality and economic services to our patients, regardless of religion, language, race and gender, with respect to ethical values, respect for patient rights, and preventive health practices as well as therapeutic practices related to oral and dental health.


To be a center to meet the oral and dental health needs of our patients with a modern management system with the latest technology and applications of dentistry.



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Hesap Numarası 60052997
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Why Should Expired Restorations (Fillers And Crowns) Be Renewed?

There are some reasons for this;

REPEATING CARIES; Conditions that cause initial caries can also predispose to further decay around the filling. If the tooth is not kept clean, it may decay again from the edges of the filling. If there is a crown on the tooth and oral care is not paid attention, decay can easily start between the crown and the tooth. As mentioned earlier, if the caries is not treated, the decay can invade the nerve chamber of the tooth and cause a p s. These events will result in root canal treatment or loss of the tooth.

WEAR; Although there are many factors that affect the life of a restoration, the average life of a silver (amalgam) fill, crown or bridge is 5 to 15 years. The average life of composites (plastic-tooth colored filling) is 5 to 10 years. Constant forces applied to teeth and fillings by chewing are the cause of wear. In some cases, porcelain or gold crowns wear out due to the constant grinding of the opposite tooth.

CRACKS; During the day, our teeth are subjected to more physical forces than we can imagine. Even while eating, the square centimeter of our teeth is subjected to pressures worth hundreds of kilograms-force. Biting pressure and chewing on hard foods can cause fine cracks in teeth or restorations.

ABRASIONS; If timely measures are not taken for cracks, the teeth will break or wear out. More expensive and elaborate processes become required. Crowns are recommended for this type of teeth. Sometimes these cracks and abrasions are also found in the porcelain crown. A worn porcelain has expired and begins to crumble. Determining the wear on the existing porcelain crowns during routine controls and taking the necessary precautions will prolong the life of the restoration.

AESTHETIC; Over time, the fillings change color or become stained. Although the change in the appearance of the fillings does not pose a health risk at times, it will cause an unpleasant appearance in the mouth. Nowadays, it is possible to get rid of these unpleasant images by using special filling materials in the same color as the teeth instead of metal-colored fillings.

DENTAL DISEASES; Many patients are unaware that they will lose their teeth due to gum disease. Even teeth without decay can be lost due to gum disease. This process goes very slowly. Bone loss follows gingival recession, and when the supporting tissues of the tooth dissolve, the loss of the tooth is inevitable. When your dentist detects this disease, he will talk about the measures to stop the disease from progressing.

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It is a branch of science that examines and provides solutions to problems related to oral and dental health from birth to the end of adolescence.

The dental system goes through many periods in the process from eruption of milk teeth to permanent dentition in children.

During these periods, follow-up and prevention of tooth eruption disorders, application of preventive methods to decay teeth and permanent teeth, treatment of decays of deciduous teeth and permanent teeth, preservation of toothless cavities that may occur as a result of early extractions by making appliances to prevent tooth row in the future, even application of child prostheses to children born without teeth It is a science that includes many applications.

In the Pedodontics department, Pedodontists (Pediatric Dentists) carry out full oral examinations and all kinds of treatment and preventive applications of all babies, children and young people by taking a psychological approach according to the physical and emotional development of the children.
According to the researches about the frequency of caries in recent years; It is observed that the frequency of caries in children reaches 90% both in the period of deciduous dentition (2-6 years old) and in the period of mixed dentition (7-12 years old). For this reason, it is of great importance to apply decay prevention methods in order to protect the child’s future oral and dental health, and most importantly, the general health. Child dentists protect children from dental caries, which significantly affects their oral and dental health as well as their general health, by performing these protective applications at the right time according to the child’s dental and age development.
For this reason, you will have your child’s first oral and dental examination from the age of 1, and you will be able to fully protect your child from dental caries by having oral and dental checks and care at intervals determined by your pediatric dentist (1 in 4-6 months). The time of the first dentist examination and the dentist who performed it are of great importance in order to prevent the development of “Fear of the Dentist!”, Which we encounter in many adults today.

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What does lamina coating mean?

What does lamina coating mean?

Laminated porcelain coatings, which are popularly referred to as leaf porcelain, laminated porcelain known as laminate, is a highly aesthetic application applied in disorders that affect your appearance in the tooth structure. It is a method generally used in problematic front teeth. Lamina tooth coatings are the removal of structural defects in teeth by adhering a thin porcelain layer to the front surfaces of the teeth. Aesthetic and natural beauty is given to the teeth with the applied laminate coatings.

Laminated tooth coatings prepared from porcelain layers are structures that are in perfect harmony with the light-transmitting tooth.

When is lamina application done?

Laminated applications are generally applied on the front teeth. In cases of discoloration of the anterior teeth, in cases where hereditary and teeth whitening procedures cannot be achieved, when the front teeth are separated from each other, when there are fractures or structural defects in the teeth, when old fillings cause yellowing and color disorders in the teeth, patients who do not want orthodontic treatment, dental distortions It is an aesthetic dental application that is applied to the correction and obtains extremely perfect results.