What does lamina coating mean?

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What does lamina coating mean?

What does lamina coating mean?

Laminated porcelain coatings, which are popularly referred to as leaf porcelain, laminated porcelain known as laminate, is a highly aesthetic application applied in disorders that affect your appearance in the tooth structure. It is a method generally used in problematic front teeth. Lamina tooth coatings are the removal of structural defects in teeth by adhering a thin porcelain layer to the front surfaces of the teeth. Aesthetic and natural beauty is given to the teeth with the applied laminate coatings.

Laminated tooth coatings prepared from porcelain layers are structures that are in perfect harmony with the light-transmitting tooth.

When is lamina application done?

Laminated applications are generally applied on the front teeth. In cases of discoloration of the anterior teeth, in cases where hereditary and teeth whitening procedures cannot be achieved, when the front teeth are separated from each other, when there are fractures or structural defects in the teeth, when old fillings cause yellowing and color disorders in the teeth, patients who do not want orthodontic treatment, dental distortions It is an aesthetic dental application that is applied to the correction and obtains extremely perfect results.

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